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Charming Chalkboard Wall Decor Ideas For More Fun

Many chalkboard paints and chalkboard spray paints are sold in black, but there are also many How to use chalkboard paint: Chalk paint is applied similarly to regular paint, but it should not be Once the surface has dried, apply a latex primer. Wait about an hour and then any wall paint can be

Chalkboard paint is one of those things that never really goes out of style. It can be used functionally, and it also adds a playful, unique vibe to any space. Keep reading to check out 25 of our favorite DIY projects that utilize the ever versatile chalkboard paint.

But what about chalkboard paint in the living room? Believe it or not, the design possibilities in this space are endless. An increasingly popular chalkboard paint location is just above the sink. If you don't want to install tile for your backsplash, use the paint to create an ever-evolving artistic backdrop.

Chalkboard painting is a trend that's been growing for a couple of years now. Most craft stores carry small bottles for around $3 and hardware stores carry the spray can version for about $5. If you want to join the phenomenon of chalkboard painting, take a look at these DIY ideas and tutorials.

DIY chalkboard paint ideas you'll want to make right now. I love using chalkboard paint to create unique home decor pieces. It's so easy to personalize upcycled bottles or makeover furniture and other home objects with chalkboard paint. In fact the possibility of DIY chalk board ideas are seemingly

Chalkboard paint can be used for various purposes, such as to turn a tabletop or a wall into a writable surface. This is a fun idea for home office rooms, children's playrooms, children's bedrooms, and After applying chalkboard paint, allow it to dry for about four hours and then apply a second coat.