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Painting acoustic ceiling tiles Acoustic ceiling tiles

Learn more about CertainTeed's acoustic ceiling options, from sound dampening panels and tiles to custom-engineered solutions designed for your space. CertainTeed makes finding the right acoustic solution for your project easy.

Painting an acoustic ceiling with regular ceiling paint will cause some of the sound-absorbing qualities of the tile to decrease. Acoustic/drop ceiling tiles may need some more care spent during the cleaning process. The good thing about these tiles is they come off from the ceiling quite easily.

Acoustic ceilings earn their name from the sound-absorbent tiles that "soften" the surface of the ceiling to deaden reverberating noise. And most tiles are difficult, if not impossible, to paint correctly. This is because the tiny holes on the surface of the tile must not be clogged with paint.

Explore acoustic ceiling tiles, ceiling panels, and suspended systems with Rockfon. View our complete range of ceiling solutions and contact us to learn more. Sustainable ceiling products benefit people's health and wellness.

Acoustic ceiling tiles can be an inexpensive option for your drop ceiling, but the limited colour range can contribute to drab, bland spaces. The process and application of our paint to acoustic ceiling tiles is unique for the Alberta market. We are proud to serve clients across this province with a

Our acoustical ceiling tile products are designed to acoustically treat and soundproof interior ceiling spaces within. The SoundQuality C-Series Ceiling Tiles by Sound Seal offer both excellent acoustics with customized options to enhance the visual aesthetics.