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Even better, painting kitchen cabinets is a work you can actually do by yourself, making it a DIY project idea worth your time and attention. In fact, DIY painted kitchen cabinetry is a fairly easy job to do, regardless the age or condition of your existing cabinet units. Pay attention to the cabinet

15. Easy Reach Kitchen Cabinet Idea. 16. Apothecary Style Kitchen Cabinets Idea. What's Reddit Saying? Painting everything white this like builder did makes the kitchen feel a lot more spacious and open while adding sleek handles gives a more modern feel.

Use your kitchen cabinet tops as a space to stash things you have no room for elsewhere, like picnic baskets, decorative objects, or extra cutting boards. Paint the space above your cabinets a color that pops against the color of the cabinetry, the ceiling, and the backsplash for maximum impact.

Painted kitchen cabinets - You do not have to spend a fortune to change the look of your kitchen, with good ideas and few materials can achieve. In the photograph below, you can see the contrast of white walls with painted kitchen cabinets that have been painted black and have removed the door

Preparation is the key to all quality paint jobs. This has never been more true than when painting kitchen cabinets. It's probably a good idea to read through all the instructions before you get started. Get a feel for what steps have to be taken and plan out your days, and your space.

Here's our IKEA painted kitchen cabinets for our custom kitchen nook on an open wall. We wanted the cabinets to complement our current gray We had an open wall in our kitchen and needed some extra cabinet storage. We really liked the look of open shelves and wanted something that would