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Those using a carpet pad find that their carpet can last for 10 years or more before they need to replace it. If the homeowner wants to install carpet in an unusually shaped room, the price will also rise. Installers must cut the padding into different pieces and shapes to fit the layout of that room.

The price of carpet padding varies based on quality. Cheaper carpet padding is more budget-friendly, but may not be as comfortable as a more expensive A smaller can of protectant costs around $10, or you can purchase gallon-size containers for about $80. You'll also need a carpet vacuum cleaner to

carpet pad. The average price for 8 x 10 Rug Pads ranges from $20 to $200. Some 8 x 10 Rug Pads can be shipped to you at home, while others can be picked up in store.

To use my Carpet & Pad Price Chart, simply cross reference your Level of Foot-Traffic with the Number of Years you want your New Carpet to Last. For example, if you have MED Foot Traffic and you want your carpet to Last 10 Years you can expect to pay about $25 per yard for the right grade or

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