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Painting your kitchen table and chairs is a great way to spruce them up in no time at all. It's also a great way to redecorate on a budget. When it comes to painting your kitchen table and chairs, choosing the best paint can be tricky. Right now, many homeowners are leaning toward chalk paint.

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Hey guys! Thank you so much for stopping in today to see how I redone my dining room table and buffet by painting them! And also how I only paid $36 for

Pillows and blankets (24). Sheepskin (9). Ornament & Figures (63). Table-runner, H 35cm, W 140cm, Light brown.

Once the chalk paint has had 24 hours to dry, use a foam brush and apply two coats of topcoat (or Tough Coat, if A brand-new kitchen for a fraction of the price. Painting cabinets may take a little bit of time and elbow grease, but the My friend used balk paint on some old coffe tables and book rack.